A Family Tree of Tatting

Master tatter Georgia Seitz shares the beginning of her tatting journey.

Mrs. Ryan’s Knitted Toys

The author searches for the story behind a beloved knitted kitten found in an antiques shop.

Hawaiian Quilts

PieceWork’s July/August 1994 issue featured an article and project by Debra L. Ballard on the history of Hawaiian quilts.

Crewel Embroidery and The American Revolution

Thomas Abbe's (1731–1811) long drum roll interrupted the mid-week church meeting to announce the fight at Lexington, Massachusetts, the day before, the first battle of the American Revolution.


Buttons to Embroider and Needle Tat

Christen combined two great needlework techniques into one stunning button.

Knit an “All Shall Be Well” Shawl

Jacqueline based her shawl on the one her grandfather knitted while convalescing from an injury he received during World War I.

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An Indigo Stitch-Resist Scarf to Make

Give dyeing with indigo a try! This striking scarf features resist patterns made by folding, stitching, and pleating.

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Reins for Children

Delight in the vintage charm of Weldon's Practical Needlework and this re-creation from Franklin Habit.


Influences in Craft

PieceWork contributor Katrina King shares where her love of craft all began.

Sir Walter Scott and the Tartan Craze

Read about Victorian tourists who embraced all things Scottish after reading Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels.

3 Keys to Weldon's Needlework Collection

PieceWork contributor Katrina King shares helpful hints for working with this classic resource.

Twists & Turns: The Extraordinary Adventures of Lady Mary Anne Barker

A daughter of the British Empire who lived around the world, Mary Anne Barker wrote many articles and books about household management, cooking, and her experiences as a colonial administrator’s wife. Read on to learn more about her fascinating life.

The History of Naturally Colored Cotton

Julia Baratta discusses naturally colored cotton and the farmers who grow various plants to preserve the fiber.

A PieceWork Contributor Shares her Inspiration

PieceWork contributor Katrina King shares her favorite source of inspiration for her knitting patterns.

The Makers of Multicolores

Meet the artists of Multicolores, an artisan-based nonprofit which expands income-earning opportunities for the rural women of Guatemala.

Mabel Herbert Urner: Collecting Needlework in Fiction and in Fact

No article about Mabel Urner as a writer was complete without a reference to her passion for collecting needlework samplers and textiles.

Surma Dani: An Embroidered Bag from Afghanistan

In a market, Chitra chanced upon a little bag from Afghanistan, which led her to research its tribal origins.

Sweet Bags: Sarcenet, Sylke, and Odorous Flowers

Discover the history and many uses of these elaborately embroidered purses.