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Spin Off, Handwoven & PieceWork Come Home

Since beginning her independent craft publishing project in 1975, Linda Ligon saw the weaving, spinning, and needlework magazines move to bigger and bigger offices. But there’s no place like home.

PieceWork Magazine: Sharing the Story of Needlework

Explore the story of needlework with PieceWork magazine. These stories remain embedded in the everyday textiles found in our linen closets and in the artifacts on display in a museum, and each account is cherished just the same.

Charts and Illustrations 2019

Download PDFs of the charts and illustrations from the projects featured in the 2019 issues of PieceWork.

Knit a Lace Bookmark by Ava Coleman

Knit Ava Colman’s lace bookmark, which uses a variety of knitted lace stitches and makes a quick gift. She designed the bookmark as a knitted lace-stitch sampler composed of stitches from various works by Anna Marie Jensen.


A Knitted Beret with Three-Ribs

At an antique show some years ago, my daughter, Nancy Cook, spotted the unique little knitted beret shown below and immediately bought it for my collection of homeless knittings.

A Lace Revival: 25 Vintage Knitted Edgings

Here’s a preview of a new PieceWork eBook, A Lace Revival: 25 Vintage Edgings to Knit with our favorite patterns for knitted edgings.

Learning to Tat—Needle or Shuttle?

Learning to tat is on my needlework bucket list. I love the look of this exquisite form of lace making.

Knit Hilton Lace Edging for Pillowcases

Here is a simple pattern from Lace from the Attic: A Victorian Notebook of Knitted Lace Patterns for an edging to attach to pillowcases.

Fall 2019 Issue of PieceWork: Intriguing Needlework Stories and Projects

The Fall 2019 issue of PieceWork is just packed with stories and projects that particularly intrigue me.

This Week in History: Rembrandt and Bobbin Lace

One of the articles in the May/June 1994 issue of PieceWork is Marni Harang’s “The Flowers of Flanders: Seventeenth-Century Flemish Bobbin Tape Lace.”

Les Tricoteuses: A Bastille Day Yarn

On July 14, France celebrates Bastille Day (or as they call it “Quatorze Juillet”), the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison in 1789 that marked a turning point in the French Revolution—well, the first of their revolutions, anyway.

Postcard from Scotland: The Exquisite Embroidery of Jane E. Hall

Jane E. Hall, renowned for her exquisite nature-inspired embroidery, shared details about her new project, Psyche’s Cabinet, with me.

PieceWork Call for Submissions Summer 2020: How, Why, and When Did They Do That?

One of the joys of needlework is that there’s always something new to learn. Every issue of PieceWork illuminates the fascinating history of our favorite crafts.

Laura Ingalls: Lace Knitter

I wasn't a knitter when I re-read the Little House books, so I didn't take note of Laura or the other characters knitting in the books.