Discover the Beauty of Art Silk Embroidery

With its focus on meticulous, true-to-life interpretations of natural subject matter, silk art embroidery was popular in America from 1877 to 1907.

Painter’s Tape to the Rescue for Thread Crochet Projects

Fine thread and steel hooks make tiny crochet stitches. Here’s a handy tip to help make your stitching less challenging.

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Grama’s Rose Garden

Looking for a flower that will never wilt? Try your hand at this knitted rose.

The Long Thread: Kelly Hartman

Voices from our community: Kelly Hartman, Curator, Gallatin History Museum in Bozeman, Montana; Creator of the Gallatin County Tapestry Project.

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Stitch a Bouquet of Irish Crochet Roses

Sample Irish crochet in the loveliest way with three beautiful roses to adorn your favorite things!

A Collection of Lace Collars in Honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One of the many things Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be remembered for is the iconic collars she wore with her black robes. In honor of the Supreme Court Justice, we’ve curated a collection of white lace collars from the pages of PieceWork.

Cross-Stitch Heart with Quaker Motifs

Janice Wood created a sweet cross-stitch heart, which incorporates traditional Quaker sampler motifs with an alphabet on one side of the heart and the date and recipient’s initials on the reverse.

7 FREE Knitted Lace Projects from PieceWork Magazine

Are you captivated by vintage knitted lace? PieceWork magazine has curated a collection of 7 FREE, historical knitting patterns that will delight you.

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King Harald V of Norway (and His Knitted Sweater)

The year is 1940; the prince, King Harald V of Norway, is wearing a striking knitted sweater.

Long Thread Podcast: Rangina Hamidi

Season 6, Episode 10: Wanting to help the women in her native country called Rangina back to Afghanistan. Through the khamak embroidery they have practiced for generations, Kandahar Treasure supports women making a living with their needles.

A Life Built on a Love of Handcraft

Celebrate 10 years of contributing with a pattern from Katrina.

The Hands Remember

Mantas on the Southern Border

Deep-Seated Associations: Textile Threads in Language, Myths, Fairy Tales, and Novels

Stories that feature the primacy of textiles and the way they are connected with women are quite ancient. Our language is full of metaphors that demonstrate these deep, primal associations.

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Margaret Stove, New Zealand’s Lacemaker to Royalty

Celebrate the coronation with the story behind a shawl for Prince William.

Australian Knitting Needle Gauges

Not just a tool for the knitting community

The Sewing Machines of Oradour-sur-Glane

After the war, General Charles de Gaulle ordered that Oradour-sur-Glane remain as it was—not to be torn down, not to be rebuilt.

Majestic Majesty

The floor of Westminster Abbey holds more symbolism than expected.

The Long Thread: Megan Osborne

Voices from our community: Megan Osborne, Assistant Curator and Collections Manager of the Avenir Museum

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