The Wool Issue—Call for Submissions PieceWork Winter 2022

Pull on your winter woolies and join us as we follow in the steps of sheep, tracing wool in global textiles. It’s time to send your article and project proposals for the Winter 2022 issue!

Make This Sweet Token of Affection Sampler

These instructions allow you to personalize this charming sampler using your own initials and dates.

A Year of Stitches

Journaling the year using embroidery.

Here We Go to Mexico: Embroidered Mexican Souvenir Jackets

Colorful embroidered Mexican souvenir jackets offered both real and imagined holidays to Mexico during the late 1940s and early 1950s.


Buttons to Embroider and Needle Tat

Christen combined two great needlework techniques into one stunning button.

Knit an “All Shall Be Well” Shawl

Jacqueline based her shawl on the one her grandfather knitted while convalescing from an injury he received during World War I.

All Access Exclusive

An Indigo Stitch-Resist Scarf to Make

Give dyeing with indigo a try! This striking scarf features resist patterns made by folding, stitching, and pleating.

All Access Exclusive

Reins for Children

Delight in the vintage charm of Weldon's Practical Needlework and this re-creation from Franklin Habit.


Long Thread Podcast: Eileen Lee

Season 3, Episode 10: How does a textile tradition die—and how can it be saved? Hawaiian quilting developed as a unique art less than two centuries ago, but a tradition of secrecy put it in danger until one woman decided to preserve it.

Shakil’s Batik: Bringing Back Tradition

Revitalizing craft techniques through the use of natural dyes.

Mittens, Undervests, and D'Oyleys, Oh My!

From the practical and elegant to the truly bizarre, you never know what you'll find in the pages of Weldon's!

PieceWork Indexes

Looking for an article or project? Find what you are seeking for in the PieceWork Indexes.

Trimmings: “A Dainty Empire Gown with Cap to Match” by Addie May Bodwell

The author re-creates a 1918 pattern for tatted medallions to make a delicate lace trim.

Dissection of a Lace Pattern

How to separate out a motif to inspire your own designs

Revamping Victorian Lace

Use the lace patterns in Weldon's Practical Knitter as a foundation for your own lace variations.

Long Thread Podcast: Dr. Susan Kay-Williams

Season 3, Episode 9: The venerable British needlework institution teaches its students to stitch selfies, coronation robes, and everything between.

20th-Century Embroidered Pincushions

Embroidered pincushions are further embellished with coordinating pins for a beautiful and practical sewing aid.

Trimmings: Chantilly Border to Tat

This border is useful for trimming underlinen, pinafores, and many other purposes.