Pincushions Rule

Petite little darlings perfect for sampling a technique.

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: Knitting Two Socks at Once

Learn about knitting two socks at once. Seriously, what could be more practical than this? Practical, yes; easy, maybe not!

Lawful & Material

Hannah Powell’s Embroidery of a Petition Against an Indian Execution

The Tradition of Knitting in Lithuania

The first known mention of Lithuania is in the historical records of the monastery of Quedlinburg, Germany. Handwork in Lithuania also has deep roots.

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Stitch a Bouquet of Irish Crochet Roses

Sample Irish crochet in the loveliest way with three beautiful roses to adorn your favorite things!

A Collection of Lace Collars in Honor of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

One of the many things Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be remembered for is the iconic collars she wore with her black robes. In honor of the Supreme Court Justice, we’ve curated a collection of white lace collars from the pages of PieceWork.

Cross-Stitch Heart with Quaker Motifs

Janice Wood created a sweet cross-stitch heart, which incorporates traditional Quaker sampler motifs with an alphabet on one side of the heart and the date and recipient’s initials on the reverse.

7 FREE Knitted Lace Projects from PieceWork Magazine

Are you captivated by vintage knitted lace? PieceWork magazine has curated a collection of 7 FREE, historical knitting patterns that will delight you.

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Postcard from Scotland: The Exquisite Embroidery of Jane E. Hall

Jane E. Hall, renowned for her exquisite nature-inspired embroidery, shared details about her new project, Psyche’s Cabinet, with me.

Repair, Reuse, and Remake—Call for Submissions PieceWork Fall 2024

Needlework traditions that honor the value of textiles

My Father’s Quilt

Using needlework to heal

The Quilts of Gussie Beatrice Arnold Hill

Solving the mysteries stitched into her grandmother’s works

Sir Walter Scott and the Tartan Craze

Read about Victorian tourists who embraced all things Scottish after reading Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley novels.

Punto Antico: Classic Italian Embroidery

Punto Antico (antique stitch), a type of Italian drawn-thread work, is thought to have its origins in the Levant. The geometric shapes are said to be inspired by the Arab influence that dominated the island of Sicily for centuries.

Framed—A Brief History of the Embroidery Hoop

Keeping fabric taut throughout the ages

Let Us Keep Knitting and Crocheting for the Bazar, Sisters!

Activists for women’s voting rights raised money for their cause by selling their handmade items, among other things, at the National Suffrage Fair in New York City. Knitting, crochet, and the movement’s own history played prominent roles at this event.

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Crochet a Hanging Garden of Violets

Enjoy taking a journey back to 1916 with this lovely crochet ornament project.

Victorian Needlework: For Pleasure or Profit?

Victorian needlework books remain a fragile connection to the past, reminding us that we are not so different from the stitchers who came before us.

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