Joanna Johnson

Twin Loves: Literature and Knitting

A passion for literature and stitching comes alive in Joanna Johnson’s knitwear patterns inspired by beloved classic characters.

Young People’s Civil War Charity Knitting: The Alcott Connection

In the vein of “no idle hands,” children took up needles, knitting everything from simple projects to socks, to aid soldiers during the Civil War.

General Jinjur’s Army of Knitters

L. Frank Baum, as a clever spinner of stories, while writing a magical tale for children was also using Jinjur and her army as an allegory for the women’s suffrage movement, to which he was no stranger.

Discover Buff Knitting: Heart in Hand Buff Mittens for a Child

Buff knitting is a regional technique for knitting a shagged carpet-like fabric, specifically for work mittens.

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