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Crochet Up Some Sunshine!

Banish the winter blues with a sunny pattern from Weldon’s

Katrina King Jan 3, 2024 - 3 min read

Crochet Up Some Sunshine! Primary Image

Beat the winter blues with a quick crochet project from Weldon’s. Photos by Katrina King

This year’s Twelve Months of On-the-Go Projects, created by members of our PieceWork team, is our way of thanking our All Access subscribers for being such valued members of our community. Each of the upcoming monthly patterns was designed to be quick, fun, and portable. The projects will encompass a variety of crafts, so that you can sample an array of different techniques year-round.

While I love the holiday season and the descent into the darker days of winter, I do it with the anticipation of the new year. Even though the days are the same, turning from one year to the next creates a different feeling in the air. The slate is clean, and the year is full of potential. While I have several rituals for the start of the new year, my daughters’ favorite of them is our traditional Chinese take-out feast.

These sunny earrings are a motif from a larger pattern in Weldon’s for a chemise trim. I worked only one motif in a much smaller thread and hook size than expected to bring a bit of sunshine to the new year.

Happy little suns

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