Anne Merrow

Anne Merrow is a former editor of Spin Off magazine and a cofounder and editorial director of Long Thread Media.

Long Thread Podcast: Liz Sytsma and Theresa Hill, Wild Hand

Season 5, Episode 10: Every Local Yarn Store wants to be part of their community. Wild Hand takes it a step farther: with a written community commitment that guides every decision and a Little Free Fiber Library on the wall.

Long Thread Podcast: Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Season 5, Episode 5: While living in Dharamshala, India, and volunteering for the Tibetan Central Administration, Leslie walked into a workshop and fell in love with a rare practice of pieced, stitched fiber art, the thangka.

Long Thread Podcast: Sheri Berger

Season 4, Episode 9: What do you do when it's time to step back from your industry-leading yarn store and make some space for yourself? If you're Sheri Berger, you might find yourself accidentally beginning a brand-new needlework business.

Long Thread Podcast: Natalie Dupuis

Season 4, Episode 3: Once reserved for royalty and liturgy, gold embroidery is an art form that contemporary stitchers can explore and enjoy. Artist and instructor Natalie Dupuis shares her love of this colorful, shimmering fiber art.

Long Thread Podcast: Eileen Lee

Season 3, Episode 10: How does a textile tradition dieā€”and how can it be saved? Hawaiian quilting developed as a unique art less than two centuries ago, but a tradition of secrecy put it in danger until one woman decided to preserve it.

Long Thread Podcast: Dr. Susan Kay-Williams

Season 3, Episode 9: The venerable British needlework institution teaches its students to stitch selfies, coronation robes, and everything between.

Long Thread Podcast: Laurann Gilbertson

Season 3, Episode 7: As the curator of Vesterheim, the National Norwegian-American Museum and Folk Art School, Laurann Gilbertson has a dream job for lovers of historic textiles.

Long Thread Podcast: Mathew Gnagy

Season 3, Episode 1: As the Modern Maker, Mathew Gnagy brings the needlework techniques of Early Modern Europe to a contemporary audience.

Long Thread Podcast: Penelope Hemingway

Season 2, Episode 9: In the back rooms of Yorkshire's archives and museums, textile treasures await an understanding historian.

Long Thread Podcast: Franklin Habit

Season 2, Episode 4: Franklin shares how his loves of textiles, books, and miniatures come together.