Anne Merrow

Long Thread Podcast: Kaffe Fassett

Season 8, Episode 7: Whether he’s working on a quilt, sweater, needlepoint canvas, or fabric design, Kaffe Fassett sees the world in a million glorious hues.

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A Jaunty Tassel

Remember the knotted friendship bracelets of summer camp? This grown-up version uses lengths of special yarn for a charming ornament. Embrace a creative, whimsical approach and customize freely!

Long Thread Podcast: PieceWork Turns 30

Season 7, Episode 4: In honor of the magazine's pearl anniversary, we reached out to PieceWork's first and most recent editors for some pearls of wisdom about legacy, connection, craftsmanship, and what it means to tell needlework stories.

Long Thread Podcast: Clara Parkes

Season 7, Episode 2: From yarn reviews to yarn creation, journalist and bestselling author Clara Parkes takes knitters on a journey of wooly exploration.

Long Thread Podcast: Rangina Hamidi

Season 6, Episode 10: Wanting to help the women in her native country called Rangina back to Afghanistan. Through the khamak embroidery they have practiced for generations, Kandahar Treasure supports women making a living with their needles.

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Margaret Stove, New Zealand’s Lacemaker to Royalty

Celebrate the coronation with the story behind a shawl for Prince William.

Long Thread Podcast: Melanie Falick

Season 6, Episode 7: The treasure in a handmade life isn’t just mastering skills and making goods, Melanie Falick says—it’s the power in creation, connection, and expression along the way.

Long Thread Podcast: Liz Sytsma and Theresa Hill, Wild Hand

Season 5, Episode 10: Every Local Yarn Store wants to be part of their community. Wild Hand takes it a step farther: with a written community commitment that guides every decision and a Little Free Fiber Library on the wall.

Long Thread Podcast: Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo

Season 5, Episode 5: While living in Dharamshala, India, and volunteering for the Tibetan Central Administration, Leslie walked into a workshop and fell in love with a rare practice of pieced, stitched fiber art, the thangka.

Long Thread Podcast: Sheri Berger

Season 4, Episode 9: What do you do when it's time to step back from your industry-leading yarn store and make some space for yourself? If you're Sheri Berger, you might find yourself accidentally beginning a brand-new needlework business.