Long Thread Podcast: Melanie Falick

Season 6, Episode 7: The treasure in a handmade life isn’t just mastering skills and making goods, Melanie Falick says—it’s the power in creation, connection, and expression along the way.

Anne Merrow Apr 8, 2023 - 3 min read

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When Melanie Falick started to knit as a young adult, she fell in love with everything about it: the creative potential of yarn and color, the meditative process, the useful finished product, the community of fellow makers, and the stories it can tell us about lives past and present.

She has spent the years since then sharing her passion for knitting, and handwork generally, through roles as an author, editor, and creative director. Her books and creative collaborations all reflect her belief that craft is a pathway to wellness for all of us—as individuals, community members, and citizens of this planet.

Melanie would like us to celebrate what we make with our hands with pride. Through the process of craft, she says, we can connect to our ancestors, our environment, the people around us, and our inner selves. And when we share our skills and enthusiasm, we can help to bring more beauty, contentment, and empathy into the world.

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Anne Merrow is a former editor of Spin Off magazine and a cofounder and editorial director of Long Thread Media.