Susan Strawn

All the World Is Needleworking! Florence Yoder Wilson and America’s Immigrant Needleworkers

Explore how Florence Yoder Wilson articles, published in Needlecraft: The Magazine of Home Arts during the 1930s, cast recent immigrants to America in a positive light.

Further Discoveries of Virginia Woods Bellamy’s Geometric Number Knitting

Virginia Woods Bellamy described Number Knitting as “merely a method of knitting design, based on squares and triangles and their tributary units.” She discarded traditional measurements for geometrical principles.

Patriotic Knitting Bags of World War I

Knitting bags have been long overlooked as one of the patriotic icons of World War I (1914–1918).

Mittens to Knit Inspired by a Late-Medieval Mitten

A sixteenth-century child’s mitten now in the collection of the Museum of London inspired Susan Strawn's contemporary mitten design in two sizes.

Women and Needlework Magazines: Opportunity, Recognition, Income!

Closely reading a selection of American needlework magazines published between 1885 and 1930 reveals an often-overlooked history of women who were needlework editors, designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

In Appreciation of Pot Holders

After writing a story about a set of crocheted pot holders that I discovered, readers responded with a range of opinions about this needlework form.