Make Belgian Needle-Lace Hearts for Someone you Love

Belgium was known to have the greatest lacemaking centers in all of Northern Europe.

Poetic Needlework

Jehane bought vintage needlework, such as dresser scarves, and stitched new life into them.

Modern Victorian Knitting

Antique patterns make a wonderful starting point to create new designs.

Long Thread Podcast: Eileen Lee (classic)

Season 9, Episode 6: How does a textile tradition die—and how can it be saved? Hawaiian quilting developed as a unique art less than two centuries ago, but a tradition of secrecy put it in danger until one woman decided to preserve it.

The Resurgence of Doilies

Doilies are regaining popularity—no longer your great-aunt’s dust collectors, they’re now cool vintage décor.

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Knit an “All Shall Be Well” Shawl

Jacqueline based her shawl on the one her grandfather knitted during World War I.

The Rose Tablecloth

Little is know about this elaborately embroidered tablecloth from the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection of Colorado State University.

The Unlikely Knitters of World War I

All levels of society contributed knitting to support the troops.

The Basic Elements of Orenburg Lace: Olga Fedorova Charts

Olga Fedorova created her unique color-coded system in the late 1960s when she became quality-control master for the Orenburg knitting cottage industry.

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Fiesta Quilted Pot Holder

Lavon shares a quick project for when you don’t have time for a full quilt.