How Did They Do That? Lucet Braid

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Poppies of Remembrance

A beautiful spring flower inspires a loving tribute to those who have served.

Why Don’t Porcupines Live on Cape Breton Island?

Quillwork is an important cultural tradition among the Mi’kmaq on Cape Breton Island, but mysteriously, porcupines don’t live on Cape Breton.

Antique Needlework Tools: Buttonhole Scissors

In the 19th century, patents for buttonhole scissors began to be filed at the United States Patent Office, and some of these designs are still in use today.

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What is Buttonhole Bar Stitch?

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Boye Handsewing Needles Salesman’s Book

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What is Latvian braid?

Who would have thought that twisting your yarns as you knit could create such a wonderful result!

Try Thérèse de Dillmont’s Beaded Turkish Stitch

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A Stitch in Time: Palestrina Knot Stitch

The Palestrina knot stitch is a highly textured, beadlike stitch belonging to the family of knotted stitches.