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Glorious Gloves to Knit

Knitted Liturgical Gloves for Elite Churchmen in Medieval and Early Modern Europe

The Portuguese Style of Knitting

Although tensioning the yarn through a pin or around the neck has been practiced since ancient times, many knitters are not familiar with the technique, which also entails holding and throwing the yarn in a different way.

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Back-to-School Stories and Projects from PieceWork

No matter how many years it’s been since you last heard the peal of a schoolhouse bell, August means there will soon be new books to pore over, new skills to tackle, and new people to meet.

Exploring Ukrainian Culture

As a follow-up to her article in PieceWork Fall 2022, Amber Rose Ostaszewski provides additional resources for learning more about Ukrainian culture.

A Stitch in Time: Two-Sided Italian Cross-Stitch

The two-sided Italian cross-stitch is a square, densely textured stitch and is another member of the large cross-stitch family.

Embroidered Huck Towels

A look at the history and patterns of a simple yet effective technique

When and Where to Find a Textile Conservator

Your treasured textiles may be susceptible to deterioration. But how do you determine what should be sent to a professional for preservation?

Visible and Invisible Mending: Darning, Kantha, Boro

Patched and mended fabrics can have a reputation as shabby, but stitchers around the world have developed a variety of mending methods to turn holes into badges.

The Tatting Treasures of Irene Buckland

Explore the tatting treasures made by an avid craftswoman that have been preserved for teaching future generations.

Repairing Mama’s Crocheted Tablecloth

The repairs turned out to be far more daunting than I had anticipated. Nearly every motif needed at least one repair; some of them were quite complex.