The Rose Tablecloth

Little is know about this elaborately embroidered tablecloth from the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection of Colorado State University.

The Unlikely Knitters of World War I

All levels of society contributed knitting to support the troops.

The Basic Elements of Orenburg Lace: Olga Fedorova Charts

Olga Fedorova created her unique color-coded system in the late 1960s when she became quality-control master for the Orenburg knitting cottage industry.

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Fiesta Quilted Pot Holder

Lavon shares a quick project for when you don’t have time for a full quilt.

In Appreciation of Pot Holders

After I wrote a story about a set of crocheted pot holders I discovered, readers responded with a range of opinions about this needlework form.

The Warm Embrace Project

“Come From Away” Comes Home

Twin Loves: Literature and Knitting

A passion for literature and stitching comes alive in Joanna Johnson’s knitwear patterns inspired by beloved classic characters.

Notions: Repetition

Comfort is found in our routines for the Summer 2024 issue.

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A Hat in Tapestry Crochet

Learn a different way to crochet with this subscriber-exclusive pattern!

Tradition in Transition

A Colorful Baptismal Dress from Norway