A Washcloth in a Suitcase

Sara Lamb doesn't know when great-aunt Gladys knitted this cloth, but she's used it for more than twenty years, ever since she found it in the case.

BY: Sara Lamb

Mauchline Ware: A Needleworker’s Collection

Almost 200 different products were manufactured by the woodworkers in Mauchline, Scotland, including collectible sewing accessories.

Fuchsia-Design in Points or Edging

Enjoy this delightful tatting project from the November 1925 issue of Needlecraft Magazine.

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Leicester Hat and Mitts

Knit this charming set from the Spring 2020 issue of PieceWork. The yarn features fiber from a historic sheep breed.

Artisans of Guatemala: In the Aftermath of the 2020 Hurricanes

Deborah has lived in Guatemala for more than 20 years, working with local makers. But in November 2020, Guatemala was hit by two powerful hurricanes, and now she finds herself in the role of relief worker.

Cross-Stitch Heart with Quaker Motifs

Janice Wood created a sweet cross-stitch heart, which incorporates a traditional Quaker sampler motifs with an alphabet on one side of the heart and the date and recipient’s initials on the reverse.

The Rose Tablecloth

Little is know about this elaborately embroidered tablecloth from the Historic Costume and Textiles Collection of Colorado State University.

Embroider a Rose-Petal Heart

Stitch a special gift for your Valentine.

Toys from Great-Grandmother Cindy's Old Quilt

Looking at the threadbare layers, Shirley resolved to preserve what she could of the quilt by making a simple toy from the usable scraps.

The Long Thread: Laurann Gilbertson

Laurann Gilbertson, Chief Curator, Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum