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Timeless Tips and Techniques for Mending

Patching, darning, and mending are enduring ways to cover a weak or broken spot in your fabrics, prolong the life of a cherished garment, and to enjoy embellishing it at the same time. Explore each of them with this All Access exclusive guide.

Clever Cocoon Tassels

A creative embellishment adds to the silk weavings found in Laos.

A Stitch in Time: Algerian Eye and Eyelet Stitch

The Algerian eye and eyelet stitches have a long European history, appearing on some of the earliest samplers and clothing.

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: French Heels Versus Dutch!

Nancy Bush uses two heel types frequently in her ebook Vintage Socks to Knit: the French heel and the Dutch heel.

Magic Loop: Two Socks at a Time

Eileen Lee wanted to see if she could knit two socks at once using her favorite method—the magic loop. She tried it and it works!

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What is Needle Lace?

Take a peek at this intriguing technique that has varying traditions all over the world. Plus, All Access subscribers can download the Yap Lace Edging pattern to try needle lace for yourself!

The Gilded Age—Call for Submissions PieceWork Fall 2023

Submit your proposals for the Fall 2023 issue of PieceWork and help us explore textile traditions that use metallic threads and fibers.

A Brief History of Harvesting Spider Silk

If you’ve ever looked at a spider’s web and wondered what it would be like to work with such a fiber, you’re not alone.

Corrections 2022

Errata and corrections for our 2022 issues.

Stitching in Solitude: Medieval Anchoresses and Nuns

During the Middle Ages, anchoresses and nuns were women who secluded themselves from the rest of society and, often, spent some of their time on handwork.