The History of Naturally Colored Cotton

Julia Baratta discusses naturally colored cotton and the farmers who grow various plants to preserve the fiber.

A PieceWork Contributor Shares her Inspiration

PieceWork contributor Katrina King shares her favorite source of inspiration for her knitting patterns.

The Makers of Multicolores

Meet the artists of Multicolores, an artisan-based nonprofit which expands income-earning opportunities for the rural women of Guatemala.

Mabel Herbert Urner: Collecting Needlework in Fiction and in Fact

No article about Mabel Urner as a writer was complete without a reference to her passion for collecting needlework samplers and textiles.

Surma Dani: An Embroidered Bag from Afghanistan

In a market, Chitra chanced upon a little bag from Afghanistan, which led her to research its tribal origins.

Sweet Bags: Sarcenet, Sylke, and Odorous Flowers

Discover the history and many uses of these elaborately embroidered purses.

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Needlecraft’s 1918 Tatted Medallion Made Modern

New instructions for a hundred-year-old tatting project, re-created for modern lacemakers.

Vintage-Modern Style: Norwegian Knee-High Stockings

When you knit a pair of traditional Norwegian knee-high stockings, it’s like taking a step back in time, but the look is anything but old fashioned.

A Wedding Headdress from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan

Gold and beadwork adorn this traditional headdress, which was one of Chitra’s first pieces for her collection of textiles.

The Long Thread: Dawn Cook Ronningen

Dawn Cook Ronningen, Historian, Needleworker, and Needlework Tool Collector