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A Winter Wreath in Silk-Ribbon Embroidery

Lush poinsettias surrounded by delicate greenery and rosy berries add warmth and beauty to your home when it is cold outside.

Sock Knitting the Victorian Way

These 10 methods for sock knitting are not exhaustive, but they could keep you going for quite a while.

Slip-Stitch Crochet from the Amana Colonies

Nancy shares patterns for the technique from the Iowa-based heritage center.

Tvåändsstickning: Sweden’s Two-End Knitting

The need for warm, useful clothing was the foremost factor influencing the utilization of the technique of two-end knitting in Sweden, but the desire for beautiful and interesting clothing was also strong.

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Sensational Silk: A Must-Have Collection of Articles & Patterns

Ever since a cocoon fell into an empress’s teacup, silk has fascinated fiber artists.

Ribbed Scarf with a Crocheted Edging

Eyelets and a fancy crocheted edging add a lacy touch to Ann Budd’s Knit a Ribbed Scarf with a Crocheted Edging, adapted from Weldon’s Practical Needlework.

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Karin’s Swedish Circles

Learn about her style with this subscriber exclusive project!

Knots and Loops: Untangling the Structure of Lace

Although knotted laces have the advantage of being stable, they have the disadvantage of taking a long time to make. Looped lace may be fast to make, but it lacks stability.

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A Poppy of Remembrance

Work a scarlet poppy in needlepoint for an everlasting tribute.