What Is a Fichu?

Though varied in style and material, the fichu was an important fashion accessory during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Timeless Tools: Thimbles

Thimbles are highly prized by collectors and stitchers alike and loved for their practicality, beauty, and infinite variety.

Giving Rickrack a Second Chance

Discover the original use for this misunderstood trim.

What does dirt have to do with it?

With earth-stained hands, humans make our mark.

A Stitch in Time: Herringbone Stitch

An extremely versatile stitch from the cross-stitch family.

A Closer Look at Chenille

The French named this soft and fluffy yarn and fabric and are believed to have invented it, as well, sometime during the eighteenth century.

The Eleonora Project, Part 3: Knitting Guilds and the Medici

What did it mean to be a member of a knitting guild during the 1500s? Who was responsible for crafting Eleonora di Toledo’s burial stockings?

What is Romanian Cord?

Also known as Romanian braid, this sturdy crochet technique has many uses!

Colcha: The Embroidered Stories of San Luis

Learn about the history and tradition of this Spanish Colonial style needlework and see how contemporary embroiderers keep the traditions and stories alive.

Shirt Points, Cravats, and Stocks: Men’s Fashion of the Regency Era

Turns out there's a whole lot of starch involved in the art of being fashionable.