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Bulgarian Kukeri

I wanted to take a moment to break up the usual holiday routine and talk about Bulgarian kukeri, a textile-rich tradition going back thousands of years.

Lacemaking in New Pitsligo, Scotland

Dean William Webster, the long-term spiritual leader of the village of New Pitsligo, noticed the lacemaking activities and suggested to the current laird that the lacemakers’ income could be increased if they were taught to produce finer-quality lace.

For Richer, Not Poorer: Marrying an English Lord

They were perfect for each other—he had a title, she had a fortune—and so they wed.

Mabel Herbert Urner: Collecting Needlework in Fiction and in Fact

No article about Mabel Urner as a writer was complete without a reference to her passion for collecting needlework samplers and textiles.

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Valentina’s Shawl to Knit

Olga Fedorova designed this Orenburg-style lace shawl in 1991. Her sister, Valentina, has been knitting the pattern from memory since then.

The Life of Grace Darling

The following is adapted with permission from The Life of Grace Darling, published in 2016 by The Grace Darling Website.

And He Called It Macaroni

If you’ve ever wondered at the meaning behind the lyrics of “Yankee Doodle,” it might surprise you to learn that the “macaroni” in the song referred not to a noodle, but to a rather odd fashion trend.

Cold Lands, Warm Hands

The history of knitting has been shrouded in mystery, half-truths, and outright lies! Is this because there is so little material, either textiles or documentation, to enable that history to be fully written?

A Stitch in Time: Algerian Eye and Eyelet Stitch

The Algerian eye and eyelet stitches have a long European history, appearing on some of the earliest samplers and clothing.

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