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Stitching monograms onto household linens and clothing is a timeless way to personalize your life. It is no surprise: monograms are seeing a resurgence.

A Victorian Lace Square to Appliqué and Embroider

Throughout time, needleworkers have become smitten with lace, and Kathi Rotella’s Victorian lace square is a good example. She was so taken by a sample that she re-created it for PieceWork.

The Patchwork Initiative at Colorado State University

Meet a group of college students who are making a difference by striving to mend the gaps in clothing sustainability—both literally and figuratively.

Mid-Nineteenth-Century British Crochet Hooks

Early British steel crochet hooks were manufactured from steel wire using the same methods and in the same workshops as sewing needles.

Embroidery and the Masonic Apron

Although the Masonic brotherhood developed its own rituals and rules, it retained in its symbolism the trappings of the stonemason’s craft, including the apron.

Knit a Lace Edging from “The Fireside”

The instructions for this delicate lace edging originally appeared in a weekly household column, which ran in a Manchester, New Hampshire, newspaper from 1881 to 1884.

PieceWork Indexes

Looking for an article or project? Find what you are seeking for in the PieceWork Indexes.

A Stitch in Time: Rice Stitch

A member of the cross stitch family, the rice stitch is not to be confused with another type of stitching.

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Warm or Cool Weather—We’ve Got You Covered

It’s shawl and scarf season, and these two knitting patterns may prove as equally tempting for you as they are for me.

The Eleonora Project, Part 5: Fashion, Art, and the Propaganda Machine

Sheena Pennell explores the role portrait artists played in public relations during the years that the House of Medici reigned in Florence.