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Spice Up a Basic Knitted Hand Covering with Norwegian Embroidery

Inspired by Norwegian needlework, these handstitched gloves will warm your hands and your heart.

Make Crocheted Buttons

Discover the history of crocheted buttons and crochet your own Irish Rose button from Nancy Nehring’s wonderful article and project featured in the March/April 1994 issue of PieceWork.

Inspiration at the Audubon

Quilter Lauren Austin finds inspiration for her artwork through her love of birds.

Women’s Work, Part 2: Yarn & Revolutions

Then Athens and the city-state of Sparta got into a long conflict, the Peloponnesian War, and that’s where our latest story about women’s work comes in.

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Knit a Miniature Sweater

This mini sweater is based on Madeline Keller-King’s miniature pullover pattern. Fashion one in your favorite color, add a few lacy embellishments, and you’re ready for spring!

The Magic of Seven: At What Age Did You Learn to Craft?

Historically, and often out of necessity, children were taught to spin, knit, weave, and do other forms of needlework at a young age. How old were you when you first took needle and yarn in hand?

Women’s Work: A Series on the History of Textiles and Makers

Women have been involved with textiles throughout time; after all, they have been inspired by a goddess!

How to Display (Almost) Any Textile Safely, Part 4

Let’s talk about the greatest enemy of all textiles: light.

Paper Needlebooks

Little Pieces of Found History

Easy Stitcheries for Little Fingers

February is National Embroidery Month. What are you working on?