Buttons to Embroider and Needle Tat

Christen combined two great needlework techniques into one stunning button.

Knit an “All Shall Be Well” Shawl

Jacqueline based her shawl on the one her grandfather knitted while convalescing from an injury he received during World War I.

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An Indigo Stitch-Resist Scarf to Make

Give dyeing with indigo a try! This striking scarf features resist patterns made by folding, stitching, and pleating.

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Reins for Children

Delight in the vintage charm of Weldon's Practical Needlework and this re-creation from Franklin Habit.

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Grace Coolidge’s Great-Grandmother’s Counterpane

Knit a counterpane from the January/February 2011 issue based on the one made by First Lady Grace Coolidge.

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The Crown Prince’s Sweater

Knit a sweater from the January/February 2015 issue that was inspired by one worn by Crown Prince Harald of Norway when his family fled the Nazis in 1940.

Maltese Edging: A Crocheted-Lace Edging

Bart Elwell translated instructions for an elegant 1865 English crochet pattern.

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Amana Star-Pattern Baby Bonnet to Knit

Knit a baby bonnet from the November/December 2000 issue of PieceWork based on ones in the collection of the Amana Heritage Society in Amana, Iowa.

A Forget-Me-Not Edging to Knit

Knit a sweet lace edging adapted from a vintage pattern.

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Lace Dancing Socks from Spain

Donna's idea to design the pair of Spanish lace socks for the January/February 2015 issue came as a result of reading the Folk Costume & Embroidery blog, where she first saw photographs of Charra dancers from Salamanca wearing lacy white socks.