7 FREE Knitted Lace Projects from PieceWork Magazine

Are you captivated by vintage knitted lace? PieceWork magazine has curated a collection of 7 FREE, historical knitting patterns that will delight you.

Piecework Editorial Staff Feb 23, 2022 - 6 min read

7 FREE Knitted Lace Projects from PieceWork Magazine Primary Image

7 free knitted lace projects from PieceWork magazine!

Lace knitters will enjoy these 7 exquisite knitted lace projects: three lacy knitted edgings, a Shetland-style baby’s bonnet with matching pair of booties, a scarf, and a christening bag. Enjoy reading the inspiration behind the designer’s patterns, learn about Victorian-era abbreviations, and discover more about knitting traditions that have been handed down for generations. All of this and more make A Compendium of 7 Knitted Lace Projects from PieceWork a must have for your knitted-lace pattern collection. Download this free eBook on knitted lace today!

Sneak-Peek at the Knitted Lace Articles and Projects:

Delineator Leaf Lace Edging to Knit

Re-create the Delineator Leaf Lace Edging knitting pattern from a 110-year-old notebook from Miss. Blanche Beau.

By Nancie M. Wiseman
Discovered in a 110-year-old notebook from Miss Blanche Beau, "The Delineator Leaf Lace" pattern came from the Delineator magazine, a Victorian-era women's magazine. This 8-row lace edging pattern is so simple yet so beautiful and results in a lovely, dramatic design about 2 inches wide.

Kntited Lace, Fluted Design with Eyelets

Knitted lace, fluted design with eyelets project.

By Mrs. Mae Young
In thread, this makes a most attractive trim for centerpieces, pillow-slips, scarfs, and other articles for household use. It is also a desirable design for working with yarn and can easily be made narrower or wider, as preferred. From Needlecraft Magazine, September 1931.

A Lace Edging to Knit

Create knitted lace edgings based on Rose Wilder Lane's Woman's Day Book of American Needlework.

By Mary Frances Wogec
From the 1961 Rose Wilder Lane's Woman’s Day Book of American Needlework, this knitted lace edging is from a collection of the Stamford Historical Society in Stanford, Connecticut. The borders of lace are worked in garter stitch, while the center stitches are worked in alternating five-row bands of stockinette and reverse stockinette. This creates a lace that gives the effect of ruffling or pleating but doesn’t require blocking, making it a perfect edging for household linens or clothing.

Meteliza Scarf to Knit

Meteliza knitted lace scarf pattern design from eastern Europe!

By Inna Voltchkova
The name of the angora yarn I used for this project is "Blizzard," and the word "blizzard" in Russian is meteliza; hence, the name of the scarf. The yarn reminded me of winter storms, snow, sledding, snowman making, and the angora knitted hat with pom-poms and long, triangular earflaps that I wore as a child in Ukraine. I used the traditional triangular shape from the earflaps for the scarf, along with traditional Orenburg lace knitting techniques and motifs—yarnovers and knit two together and mouse-print and cat’s-paw motifs. It looks much more complicated than it really is!

Christening Bag to Knit and Crochet with Broomstick Lace

Christening bag to knit and crochet with broomstick lace techniques!

By Karen E. Hooton
A christening tradition from the east coast of Scotland and my childhood memory of that tradition were my inspiration for this bag. One Sunday, I was passing the local chapel when a woman approached me and gave me a paper bag. The bag contained a generous slice of christening cake, a silver half crown (a British coin no longer in use), and an apple. Puzzled, I took the bag home to my mother, who explained the old tradition to me. After the christening of a newborn child, a "christening piece" was handed to the first child met outside the church for good luck. If the newborn was a girl, then the piece was given to a boy; if a boy, then the piece was given to a girl.

This is my version of the tradition. I often put baby’s first hairbrush and comb and a face cloth in the bag.

Shetland-Style Lace Bonnet and Booties to Knit

Free knitted lace bonnet and booties pattern to knit using shetland-style lace!

By Margaret Stove
These creamy Shetland-style lace-knitted bonnet and booties in the Rosebud and Leaf pattern make a wonderful gift for the new baby you know. The size and appearance of your lacy bonnet will depend on the yarn and needle size you choose.