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Fluted Lace Shawl

A 1930s knitted-lace edging provides the springboard for an exploration of knitting vintage patterns at a larger gauge. Cast on and knit along.

Three Bookmarks to Make: Knit, Stitch & Crochet

Inspiration for these three bookmarks to crochet, stitch, and knit came from some of the designers' favorite books.

A Maker’s Marks: The Hexagon-Flower Mending Bag

Studying the details of vintage and antique textiles can lead to many questions, and it helps us learn more about the era they came from.

Safekeeping: Preserving Needlework Histories—Call for Submissions PieceWork Summer 2021

Send PieceWork your article and project proposals for the Summer 2021 issue, and help us share the stories of treasured textile traditions for future makers.

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Knit an Eighteenth-Century “Latrine Hat”

I developed this pattern after close examination of the artifact “latrine” hat excavated at the Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Log in to reveal this subscriber-exclusive pattern.

Hidden Histories: Call for Submissions PieceWork Spring 2021

Help us uncover the untold stories behind the makers of the past in the Spring 2021 issue of PieceWork.

Find Joy in Making

If staying home gives you the blues, and you don’t know what to do, learn something new.

A Treasure Pouch in Simple Looping

Imbue your totems, tokens, or talismans with even more significance by nestling them in a handmade treasure pouch, from the PieceWork January/February 1994 issue. It’s perfect for precious things!

Airplane Slippers to Make and Embroider

Download free instructions to make these exquisite Vietnamese embroidery slippers.