Dawn Cook Ronningen

The Charming Whimsy of Antique Pincushions

Dawn Cook Ronningen shares some of the more whimsical pincushions from her collection. They are sure to bring a smile to any stitcher.

Timeless Tools: Thimbles

Thimbles are highly prized by collectors and stitchers alike and loved for their practicality, beauty, and infinite variety.

A Maker’s Marks: The Hexagon-Flower Mending Bag

Studying the details of vintage and antique textiles can lead to many questions, and it helps us learn more about the era they came from.

Antique Needlework Tools: Buttonhole Scissors

In the 19th century, patents for buttonhole scissors began to be filed at the United States Patent Office, and some of these designs are still in use today.