Eileen Lee

Going in Circles: A History of Knitting in the Round

Knitting styles come and go! But whether you work your stitches on double-pointed needles or circulars, knitting in the round remains an essential skill for handknitters. Learn more about the evolution of this timeless technique.

Magic Loop: Two Socks at a Time

Eileen Lee wanted to see if she could knit two socks at once using her favorite method—the magic loop. She tried it and it works!

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Ulu: Pattern for a Hawaiian Quilted Pillow

A quilted pillow is based on Eileen's grandmother’s old-style method of making Hawaiian quilts.

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The Tam O’Shanter

This charming tam o’shanter from the January/February 2017 issue of PieceWork makes a special gift. The body is worked in a Fair Isle pattern, and the tam gets its distinctive shape when it is washed and blocked.

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