Katrina King

The Dog Days of Summer

Need ideas to get the kids through the last few weeks of summer vacation? Why not learn a craft?

The Modern Language of Tatting

While the core of the craft has remained the same, the language of patterns has evolved over time.

Celebrate International Lace Day!

Whether you recognize the day in February, June, or September there is always time for lace!

Giving Rickrack a Second Chance

Discover the original use for this misunderstood trim.

What is Romanian Cord?

Also known as Romanian braid, this sturdy crochet technique has many uses!

The Hand That Holds the Hook: Crochet from the Other Side

Working left-handed is much the same as right-handed, with just a little bit of difference.

What is Buttonhole Bar Stitch?

A useful variation on a classic embroidery stitch.

What is Latvian braid?

Who would have thought that twisting your yarns as you knit could create such a wonderful result!

Golden Flower Shawl to Knit: A Knitted Shawl Fit for an Empress

Discover the inspiration behind this silky tribute to one of the author's favorite films.

What is Icelandic Bind-Off?

Learn about this stretchy edge that plays well with garter stitch!

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