Celebrate International Lace Day!

Whether you recognize the day in February, June, or September there is always time for lace!

Katrina King Jun 24, 2022 - 3 min read

Celebrate International Lace Day! Primary Image

Denver lace exhibit 2015, photo by Katrina King

With all the various crafts that I have dabbled in, there has been one constant: lace. Knitted, crocheted, woven, tatted, or crafted with a needle, the fascination of creating patterns out of air thrills me. In researching the dates that various crafts are recognized, I discovered that lace has almost as many dates dedicated to it as there are types of lace!

One website states that lace was the creation of a Milanese family in 1943 and that a Flemish claim goes back to 1485. It lists National Lace Day as February 2nd. A welcoming group of bobbin lace makers that gathers on Facebook plans to break out their pillows to celebrate on June 26th. They also love seeing needle lace and tatters join in. Another calendar lists International Lace Day as the last Saturday in September which, for 2022, would be the 24th. This site says the origins of lace were in the early sixteenth century.

For me, every day is for lace large and small. Here are some of my favorites!


knitting lace combine

Silk-Blend Lace Cowls to Knit


Lucy's Stars and Diamonds Stole


crochet lace combine

Filet Crochet Cafe Curtains Inspired by Mary Card Designs

Clones Lace Fingerless Gloves for a Wedding


weaving lace combine

Swedish Lace Scarf Weaving Pattern

Huck Lace and Tencel Scarf Weaving Pattern


needle lace combine

A Medallion of Frisado de Valladolid-Style Lace to Stitch

Romanian Point Lace Butterfly, PieceWork January/February 2001

I am sure that we could devote a lace technique for each day of the week! Grab your tools of choice, give in to lace, and remember it’s not the size of your yarn that counts but rather putting the holes in the right places.

Do you have a favorite lace piece that you have created or one that is full of family history? Share it with us here for our “By Post” section!

Katrina King is the editorial assistant for Long Thread Media and a continuing student of craft and life.