Katrina King

A PieceWork Contributor Shares her Inspiration

PieceWork contributor Katrina King shares her favorite source of inspiration for her knitting patterns.

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Golden Flower Shawl to Knit

This circular shawl with a chrysanthemum as the main motif, from the September/October 2017 issue, is Katrina's tribute to this brilliant film.

The Lace Traditions of Orenburg: The Wandering Paths Stole

This lace stole is of the Orenburg tradition with gossamer construction using Diagonal, Strawberry, and Mouse Print patterns.

Building on History: Ogee Lace Stockings

Katrina King’s elegant Ogee Lace Stockings draw their inspiration from the past. The lace stockings feature a knitted-stitch pattern based on a centuries-old Persian design.