Welsh Lace

This is a sad story. It’s the story of young love, transatlantic voyages, early demise, heartbreak, a family wrenched apart, and a bit of handmade lace that survived.

The Truth About Togas

To many people, togas are synonymous with ancient Greece. The only problem? Togas aren’t Greek.

Falling for Bobbin Lace

Where knitting has knit and purl stitches, bobbin lace has crosses and twists; where knitting has needles, bobbin lace has bobbins.

Victoria’s Passion: Queen Victoria’s Unremitting Love of All Things Lace

Queen Victoria (1819–1901) was entranced, enthralled, and enthusiastic for and about lace, be it knitted, needle, or bobbin.

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Learning to Needle-Tat

These instructions are based on the information in Barbara Foster’s Learn Needle Tatting, Step by Step (Paxton, Illinois: Handy Hands, 1998), which provides complete step-by-step needle-tatting instructions accompanied by plentiful photographs.

Clones Lace Christening Robe and Bonnet, a Family Tradition

It was during the Great Famine (1845–1849) that women, through their artistic and delicate hands, created the singular craft of Clones lace.

A Publishing Juggernaut—Priscilla

The late nineteenth century saw a surge in the availability of magazines and publications directed at the female market.

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An Icelandic Endless Knot Design to Stitch

This design is entirely worked in long-arm cross-stitch, the most common stitch found in the extant traditional embroideries of Iceland.

A Handsome Centerpiece for the Library-Table

The butterfly is a popular motif, always; and probably it has never been used to better advantage than in the decoration of the centerpiece illustrated.