Deb Gerish

Tatting Tales

Celebrate International Tatting Day with a glimpse into the process of tatting using a needle and using a shuttle.

Weird Domestics: What You Don't Know About Victorian England

How Victorian England has influenced the modern world

Knitting Traditions 2018: Directoire Top

If you enjoy making clothing with vintage flair, check out Jennifer Wood’s Directoire Top from Knitting Traditions 2018.

Pattern of the Week: Suffragette's Coat

The Suffragette’s Coat combines drama, fine details, and history.

Women’s Work, Part 3: Pottery Lessons & Textile Arts

Records from the distant past don't say much about women, yet every now and then we get fleeting glimpses of the history of textiles.

Women’s Work, Part 2: Yarn & Revolutions

Then Athens and the city-state of Sparta got into a long conflict, the Peloponnesian War, and that's where our latest story about women's work comes in.

Women’s Work: A Series on the History of Textiles and Makers

Convenience textiles and the ready-to-wear, practically disposable clothing we know today didn’t exist before the 20th century. In fact, for much of human history, we might more accurately think of fabrics as “inconvenience textiles.”

Victorian Contradictions in Knitting Traditions 2017

Once a year, I get to edit Knitting Traditions, which brings in my passion for history.