Deb Gerish

Women’s Work, Part 3: Pottery Lessons & Textile Arts

Records from the distant past don’t say much about women, yet every now and then we get fleeting glimpses of the history of textiles.

Women’s Work, Part 2: Yarn & Revolutions

Then Athens and the city-state of Sparta got into a long conflict, the Peloponnesian War, and that’s where our latest story about women’s work comes in.

Women’s Work: A Series on the History of Textiles and Makers

Women have been involved with textiles throughout time; after all, they have been inspired by a goddess!

Tatting Tales

Celebrate International Tatting Day with a glimpse into the process of tatting using a needle and using a shuttle.

Weird Domestics: What You Don't Know About Victorian England

How Victorian England has influenced the modern world

Knitting Traditions 2018: Directoire Top

If you enjoy making clothing with vintage flair, check out Jennifer Wood’s Directoire Top from Knitting Traditions 2018.

Pattern of the Week: Suffragette's Coat

The Suffragette’s Coat combines drama, fine details, and history.

Victorian Contradictions in Knitting Traditions 2017

Once a year, I get to edit Knitting Traditions, which brings in my passion for history.