Deanna Hall West

Silk-Ribbon Embroidery How-To

Get started in silk-ribbon embroidery with these tips and tricks.

A Stitch in Time: Rhodes Stitch

Looking for a more textured option to add to your cross stitch?

A Stitch in Time: Pekinese and Chinese Knot Stitches

There is confusion in the embroidery literature between these two similarly named stitches. Deanna helps explain the differences.

A Stitch in Time: Rice Stitch

A member of the cross stitch family, the rice stitch is not to be confused with another type of stitching.

Why Wool?

Can the fiber content of your thread affect the outcome of your project? See why wool is important to crewelwork.

A Stitch in Time: Algerian Eye and Eyelet Stitch

The Algerian eye and eyelet stitches have a long European history, appearing on some of the earliest samplers and clothing.

A Stitch in Time: Running Stitch

Learn how versatile the running stitch can be, a stitch that dates back to the beginning of sewing itself.

A Stitch in Time: Two-Sided Italian Cross-Stitch

The two-sided Italian cross-stitch is a square, densely textured stitch and is another member of the large cross-stitch family.

A Stitch in Time: The Buttonhole Stitch and Blanket Stitch

The buttonhole stitch was historically used to strengthen the cut edges of buttonholes but developed into a decorative surface-embroidery stitch with numerous variations.

A Stitch in Time: Herringbone Stitch

An extremely versatile stitch from the cross-stitch family.

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