Mimi Seyferth

You Need to Knit the Trousseau Silk Stockings

Elaborate silk stockings inspired by history will dress up any occasion.

Mark Twain and the Bra Strap

Celebrate National Inventors' Day with the story of how Samuel Clemens' contributed to the undergarments of today.

Knitting As a Livelihood for Afghan Women

Even after the fall of the Taliban, as Afghanistan has remained in turmoil, Afghan women have continued to knit to earn money to support their families.

Rita Riffolt Varney’s Bjärbo Sweater

Re-creating a Bjärbo sweater was a knitting challenge. But for Mimi Seyferth, it was also a way to honor Rita Riffolt Varney and her pride in her Swedish heritage.

Molière, Comedy, and Needlework

Many revere Molière as a comedic genius, but he should also be recognized for his use of needlework references to comment on the narrow scope of women’s lives in his time.

Women of Pindos Soldiers’ Socks

Mimi Seyferth designed her functional soldiers’ socks after ones from a Greek flyer and added an elegant meander design.

House of the Seven Gables Knitted Socks

Designers find inspiration for knitted socks in all sorts of places. Read the story behind PieceWork contributor Mimi Seyferth’s “House of the Seven Gables Socks to Knit” project, which was featured in the September/October 2015 issue.

Albanian Socks: Colored Cross Socks

The original socks were the most expensive socks for sale in the Gjirokastra gift shop where I purchased them. According to the shopkeeper, the higher price was attributable to the fine quality of the heavy wool yarn used to knit the sock.

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