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Explore the Evolution of Norwegian Embroidered Handcoverings

Norwegian needlework beauty to warm your hands and your heart.

Beaded and Bead Knitting

Untangling a Knitted Embellishment

PieceWork Fall 2022: Migration

Our Migration issue follows the threads of craft as they travel through time and across the globe.

Myth and Mystery—Call for Submissions PieceWork Summer 2023

Needlework is imbued with narratives that might range from the everyday to larger than life, and sometimes there are a few loose ends that leave us guessing. Do you have a great story to share?

PieceWork Summer 2022: Embellish!

Learn how the love of adornment inspired our summer Embellishment issue!

Try Thérèse de Dillmont’s Beaded Turkish Stitch

Grab your knitting needles and try this Victorian beauty!

PieceWork Spring 2022: Broken Threads

Our Lost and Found issue seeks to find connection in fragments of ancient textiles that remain to this day.

PieceWork Winter 2021: Needlework, All Buttoned Up

Our closure issue takes a look at the subject both in a literal and cultural sense.

Safekeeping: PieceWork Summer 2021

Explore the preservation of needlework by learning about past makers, considering how we care for our collections today, and supporting future makers carrying needlework into the future.

Exploring Needlework's Hidden Histories: PieceWork Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 issue of PieceWork sets out across the globe, illuminating the stores of needleworkers from the past.

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