Irina Stepanova

Sweet Remembrance: The Language of Flowers in Needlework

During the nineteenth century, illustrated floral dictionaries, descriptive lithographs, and entire books devoted to flowers appeared across Europe and in the United States.

Berlin Wool: Fine Fiber from an Innovative Age

Berlin wool was famous for its clear, bright shades, pure whites, and delicate pastels. The vibrancy of color was imparted to the yarn by newly developed synthetic aniline dyes.

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Forget-Me-Nots from the Victorian Age: Perforated-Paper Embroidery

In the Victorian era, it is not entirely surprising that thick paper, or card, was attempted as a ground material for hand embroidery—an important skill for every Victorian lady.

Passed Down from Generation to Generation: A Grandmother’s Russian Embroidery

Many needleworkers follow in the footsteps of family members who stitched before them. PieceWork contributors are no exception.

Discover Victorian Berlin Work: A Reindeer Ornament to Stitch

The subtle shading of colors and delicate cross-stitch work on linen fabric in Irina Stepanova’s “A Berlin-Work Reindeer Ornament to Stitch,” from PieceWork’s September/October 2017 issue, captures the essence of nineteenth-century Berlin work.