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Repair, Reuse, and Remake—Call for Submissions PieceWork Fall 2024

Needlework traditions that honor the value of textiles

Repetition—Call for Submissions PieceWork Summer 2024

Repeating, Recurring, and Retelling in Needlework Traditions Around the World

Moonlighting Makers—Call for Submissions PieceWork Spring 2024

Help us explore centuries of moonlighting makers whose skill with a needle could translate into much-needed additional income—often labored over while working another job.

Hooked—Call for Submissions PieceWork Winter 2023

What comes to mind when you hear the word “hooked”? Join us as we explore the tools and textiles that embody this term by submitting your article and project proposals for the Winter 2023 issue.

Myth and Mystery—Call for Submissions PieceWork Summer 2023

Needlework is imbued with narratives that might range from the everyday to larger than life, and sometimes there are a few loose ends that leave us guessing. Do you have a great story to share?

Hand to Hand—Call for Submissions PieceWork Spring 2023

We will start 2023 off by celebrating needlework education—formal and informal, near and far—and we want to hear from you!

PieceWork Abbreviations

Looking for the meanings behind those abbreviations? You’ve come to the right place!

The Wool Issue—Call for Submissions PieceWork Winter 2022

Pull on your winter woolies and join us as we follow in the steps of sheep, tracing wool in global textiles. It’s time to send your article and project proposals for the Winter 2022 issue!

Migration—Call for Submissions PieceWork Fall 2022

Our Fall issue will trace the history of needlework and makers on the move. Join us as we explore trade routes, multi-generational traditions, and the evolution of techniques. Send PieceWork your article and project proposals for the Fall 2022 issue.

Embellish—Call for Submissions PieceWork Summer 2022

Join us as we celebrate the historic needlework created to adorn and enliven daily life. Send PieceWork your article and project proposals for the Summer 2022 issue.