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A Vintage Baby’s Bonnet to Knit

Revive the bonnet tradition with this project from 1845.

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Spice Up a Basic Knitted Hand Covering with Norwegian Embroidery

Inspired by Norwegian needlework, these handstitched gloves will warm your hands and your heart.

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The Ancient Craft of Nålbinding Then and Now

Pick up a single needle and short pieces of yarn to try a fascinating fabric-making technique that has been around for thousands of years.

Yearning to Knit Scandinavian Mittens

Looking to keep your hands toasty? Check out these gorgeous mitten offerings.

PieceWork’s Top 10 Articles of 2022

This year has been full of new articles, stories we’ve rediscovered, and unique needlework, and these are the ones that most captured your fancy.

Vintage Scissors, Shears, and Snips

A wonderful collection of vintage tools from across the centuries.

Winter Wishes and Mitten Dreams

We invite you to a winter wonderland where you can take a trip to Antarctica, join a winter festival in the arctic circle, and knit a pair of mittens for your next carriage ride.

Home Arts—Needlecraft Magazine’s Monograms to Crochet

Stitching monograms onto household linens and clothing is a timeless way to personalize your life. It is no surprise: monograms are seeing a resurgence.

A Victorian Lace Square to Appliqué and Embroider

Throughout time, needleworkers have become smitten with lace, and Kathi Rotella’s Victorian lace square is a good example. She was so taken by a sample that she re-created it for PieceWork.

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