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Knit a Lace Bookmark by Ava Coleman

Knit Ava Colman’s lace bookmark, which uses a variety of knitted lace stitches and makes a quick gift. She designed the bookmark as a knitted lace-stitch sampler composed of stitches from various works by Anna Marie Jensen.

Learning to Tat—Needle or Shuttle?

Learning to tat is on my needlework bucket list. I love the look of this exquisite form of lace making.

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Charts and Illustrations 2018

Download PDFs of the charts and illustrations from the projects featured in the 2018 issues of PieceWork.

PieceWork Abbreviations

Common knitting and crochet abbreviations.

Filet Crochet a Sweater for all Seasons

The combination of technique, yarn, and design come together in the Filet Crochet Cocoon Sweater pattern Inspired by William Morris!

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: 9 Sock Heel Types

Last week, we covered the re-footing method from Weldon’s Practical Stocking Knitter. This week, we’re taking a look at 9 sock heel types covered in the same collection.

How to Make Your Own Knitting Needles

Included are the “Squirrel Sewing Bag” to stencil and sew, a “School Luncheon Table Mat” to cut from oilcloth, letters from “Aunt Priscilla” and “Uncle John,” and instructions for how to make your own knitting needles!

It's Never Too Late to Discover Vintage Crochet

Within the pages of Vintage Crochet, you’ll find a different take on the wonderful world of crochet. Explore the history that defines into crochet’s past.

Knit, Embroider, and Felt a "Scribble" Pillow

This decorative Scribble Pillow will brighten up any decor. Leigh Radford shares her inspired experimentation with knitting, embroidering, and then felting.