Galina Khmeleva

The Basic Elements of Orenburg Lace: Olga Fedorova Charts

Olga Fedorova created her unique color-coded system in the late 1960s when she became quality-control master for the Orenburg knitting cottage industry.

A Tribute to a Lace-Knitting Legend: Olga Alexandrovna Fedorova

Galina Khmeleva will remember the many months she spent under Olga Fedorova’s careful tutelage and watchful eyes while a guest in Olga’s home in Orenburg, Russia, perfecting her lace-knitting skills.

A Labor of Love: Repairing an Orenburg Lace Shawl

For its age, the shawl was in remarkably good condition, but it had a number of noticeable holes and discolored areas. Galina Khmeleva was well aware of the difficulties inherent in working with such a delicate fabric.

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Valentina’s Shawl to Knit

Olga Fedorova designed this Orenburg-style lace shawl in 1991. Her sister, Valentina, has been knitting the pattern from memory since then.

Orenburg Lace Knitting with Galina Khmeleva

PieceWork is so fortunate to have Galina Khmeleva, doyenne of Orenburg lace knitting, as a frequent contributor.

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