Valentina’s Polushawl to Knit

Project Type Scarves/Shawls
Categories Knitting
Author Galina Khmeleva
Format Project/Pattern

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Galina Khmeleva’s half-warm shawl, made with luxurious pygora, merino, and silk yarn, is destined to become a family heirloom. Polushawl (polushalok in Russian) indicates a smaller version of an Orenburg warm shawl, called a “half-warm shawl.” It can be a triangle, rectangle, or square shawl.

They created this shawl to be a lighter, less bulky version of a classic Orenburg warm shawl. It’s made to be more comfortably worn under a heavy winter coat but large enough to cover the shoulders and front, extend down to just below the waistline, and reach the third knuckle of the hand.

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