Donna Druchunas

Istanbul on My Mind

The purse is faded, and the colors of the cotton motif are bright only on the inside, but this bag still conjures curiosity.

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Lace Dancing Socks from Spain

Donna's idea to design the pair of Spanish lace socks for the January/February 2015 issue came as a result of reading the Folk Costume & Embroidery blog, where she first saw photographs of Charra dancers from Salamanca wearing lacy white socks.

Knit a Pair of Lace Dancing Socks

Donna Druchunas’s lovely lace socks, featured in the PieceWork, were made for dancing—traditional Spanish-style dancing of the Charras from Salamanca, Spain.

A Lace Scarf based on Cousin Martha’s Knitted Shawl

What stories are captured in the stitches of a knitted shawl? Every time I see a piece of historical knitting, I find myself wondering about the person who made it and the person who wore it.

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