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Lace Dancing Socks from Spain

Donna's idea to design the pair of Spanish lace socks for the January/February 2015 issue came as a result of reading the Folk Costume & Embroidery blog, where she first saw photographs of Charra dancers from Salamanca wearing lacy white socks.

Donna Druchunas Mar 19, 2021 - 9 min read

Lace Dancing Socks from Spain Primary Image

Donna Druchunas’s spectacular socks are made for dancing and are modeled after those worn by Charra dancers in Salamanca, Spain, as part of their elaborate dance costume. Bobbles decorate the leg and the lace motif is repeated on the foot. Photo by Joe Coca

These socks, inspired by those worn by Charra dancers in Salamanca, Spain, are decorated elaborately with bobbles and lace. Because the socks in some of the photographs I’ve seen look baggy on the leg, I’ve designed mine to mimic that bagginess by using larger needles and an openwork pattern; however, ribbing in the ankle and a tighter gauge on the foot provide a snug fit inside the shoe. The bobbles are worked only on the leg, but the lace motif is repeated on the center of the foot for added interest. Traditionally, the socks would be worked on five double-pointed needles with the stitches divided evenly onto four needles and the fifth needle used for knitting, but the pattern may also be worked with the magic-loop technique or on two circular needles if you prefer.

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