Linda Ligon

Not So Everyday Objects from Weldon’s

Victorian and Edwardian women, those with the leisure to make things by hand, had a different view of what textiles were necessary in their daily lives or what was worth their creative effort. . . .

Priscilla's Armenian Socks

PieceWork has been publishing a special theme issue on knitting for several years now, and it has become an annual best seller. It has even spawned a spinoff, Knitting Traditions, likewise a crazy success.

Rickrack: “Make Plain Things Beautiful.”

Rickrack conjures memories of brightly colored chevron embellishments on dresses and other garments from our childhoods.

The Hidden Makers of Mongolian Textiles

In the special issue Folk Knitting, the hidden stories of knitting and fabric from around the world come to light.

Practical Crochet? Give Me a Break

What did these Victorians know about practical? What were they thinking?