Laura Ricketts

Tie a Traditional Thirty-Three-Knot Eastern Orthodox Prayer Rope

Tying traditional Orthodox prayer knots is a complex procedure and involves multiple movements for each completed knot.

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The Crown Prince’s Sweater

Knit a sweater from the January/February 2015 issue that was inspired by one worn by Crown Prince Harald of Norway when his family fled the Nazis in 1940.

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Notre-Dame Tam to Knit

Notre-Dame shines as an example of early Gothic structure with its massive flying buttresses that offset the weight of the tall walls.

A Pair of Sami Mittens to Knit

This mitten pattern is based on a pair of Sami mittens I saw in Lulea, Sweden, at the Norrbottens Museum.

Make a Filet-Crochet Bonnet

The “Bonnie Rose Baby Bonnet to Crochet” by Laura Ricketts, makes an extra special gift for a new addition to your family. Filet-crochet roses and a customizable insert make this baby bonnet a true family heirloom.

Skolt Saami Sock Knitting Traditions

The Sami people are Scandinavia’s only United Nations–recognized indigenous people. Formerly called “Lapps,” the Sami people now consider that name an ethnic slur. They prefer to be called by their self-name, Sami.

Pippi’s Long Stockings to Knit

Cast on a pair of these delightful stockings designed by Laura Ricketts.