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A Vintage Picot Snowflake Pattern

If you have a few hours, you have enough time to crochet a darling little snowflake ornament.

Tiffany Warble Nov 28, 2022 - 5 min read

A Vintage Picot Snowflake Pattern  Primary Image

Get the instructions to crochet this vintage snowflake ornament. Photos by Tiffany Warble

Whether you cross-stitch, tat, knit, or enjoy some other form of needlework, you can look forward to a mini ornament pattern every month starting this month. Current subscribers to PieceWork magazine can log in below to access the instructions for this Picot Snowflake, or see PieceWork Nov/Dec 1996 for the instructions. Whether you use the pattern as is or adapt it, we hope you have fun with it!

~ Tiffany

As you flip through the Nov/Dec 1996 issue of PieceWork, you’ll come across a section called “Trimmings,” starting on page 12. This section contains a collection of patterns, charts, and instructions gleaned from old magazines and books that are generally no longer available. Many of these patterns are still worded as they appeared in their original publications from the 1930s and earlier. That’s where we found this sweet little snowflake pattern.

Though a vintage pattern, the Picot Snowflake is written using modern terms, making it a straightforward pattern to follow. With only six rounds, you can easily finish this pattern in a few hours, using materials you may already have in your stash.

The snowflake in the magazine used size 12 pearl cotton, but I opted to use the size 10 cotton and size 6 (1.6 mm) steel crochet hook. Make this pattern your own by changing the yarn and gauge. Or you can stop a row or two short and make a slightly different snowflake each time!

Picot Snowflake Pattern

The snowflake shown in the magazine was crocheted using a size 12 pearl cotton. The crochet hook size wasn’t indicated, but you should use a size appropriate to the yarn and gauge of your choosing.

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