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Threads of Tradition: The Story of the Green Family’s Wedding Veil

By incorporating the tradition of using Mary Elizabeth Mulligan’s veil in wedding celebrations through the generations, the Green family enjoyed and honored the lace and gained some wonderful memories.

Kathy Augustine Jun 2, 2021 - 11 min read

Threads of Tradition: The Story of the Green Family’s Wedding Veil Primary Image

Detail of the Green family’s wedding veil. Point d’Angleterre lace. Linen thread. The veil was originally worn by Mary Elizabeth Mulligan Green for her October 1, 1857, wedding. 3.8 ounces (107.7 g). Photograph by Catherine S. Vodrey.

More than one hundred and fifty years ago, Mary Elizabeth Mulligan (August 31, 1835–March 8, 1911) unknowingly began a family tradition when she selected a point d’Angleterre lace veil for her wedding on October 1, 1857, to Robert Stockton Green (March 25, 1831–May 7, 1895). Since then, the veil has been an important accessory for twenty-three more brides in the Green family. Although we have no details about how Mary Elizabeth chose this particular piece of lace, we know that its beauty graced this nineteenth-century bride and began to wend its way through many weddings over the years.

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