Corrections 2002

Piecework Editorial Staff Nov 28, 2016 - 2 min read

Corrections 2002 Primary Image

PieceWork November/December 2002
"A Silk Ribbon Frame to Embroider"
The thread used to create the stem should have been identified in the Materials list as Eterna Silk MiniTwist, 100% silk 6-strand thread, 5 1/2 yards (5.0 m)/ skein, color #4320, 1 skein.

PieceWork September/October 2002
"A Triangular Warm Shawl to Knit"
Page 51

  • Corrected Right and Left Border charts. Download here. Green highlights show the corrected symbols and lines in which they occur.
  • A clarification: the finished dimensions of the shawl are 44 inches (111.8 cm) across the top and 31 1/2 inches (80.0 cm) on each of the other two sides.
  • In the narrative under Body, it should say…”Join Dark Plum. K 101 live sts on spare needle from Left Segment 2.”

PieceWork May/June 2002
"A Celtic Knot Band Sampler to Stitch"
There is no symbol for Bosnia stitch in the key on pg. 41. On pg. 40, in the first chart, the row of Bosnia stitch between “Stitched in the” and “2002” should be worked in 3857—Dark Rosewood.