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Knitting Traditions, Fall 2015 Digital Edition

Categories Knitting
Author Piecework Editorial Staff
Format Magazine

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Knitting Traditions Fall 2015 features stores and projects that reflect how an original design or technique transitioned into something else. Sometimes it happened slowly over the years through multiple makers, other times, we see necessity cause dramatic shifts in knitting: in wartime, craft can take on a new meaning in urgency. This issue credits the knitters who appreciate the value of quality craftsmanship and low history – people who enjoy knitting traditions. The beautifully recreated pieces using techniques and patterns that have traveled across time and space. Inna Voltchkova’s Simple in Russian Scarf is a classic Orenburg project while Katrina King’s stole shows how the same traditions can adapt to new colors, shapes, and techniques. Vintage Fashions and Victorian patterns still inspire us today: our projects include a Spencer jacket, shawls, hats, and bags reminiscent of English traditions, plus and array of swatches and edgings from nineteenth-century magazines.

Stories and Projects included in this issue:

  • The Knitter that Never Was by Christopher John Brooke Phillips
  • Knit, Purl, Heal by Mary Polityka Bush
  • Muffatees for a Man by Mary Polityka Bush
  • Patriotic Knitting Bags and Tools for World Wars by Karen C.K. Ballard
  • Zouave Sleeveless Jacket from Weldon’s Practical Needlework
  • Going in Circles: A History of Knitting in the Round by Eileen Lee
  • Going in Circles Socks by Eileen Lee
  • Fair Isle Knitting Across Space and Time by Elizabeth Lovick
  • Orkney Fair Isle Tam by Elizabeth Lovick
  • Simple in Russian Lace Scarf by Inna Voltchkova
  • And so much more!

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