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Discover the Wonderful World of Sami Knitting eBook

Project Type Gloves
Categories Knitting
Author Laura Ricketts
Format eBook

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Create these five mitten patterns inspired by the indigenous peoples of Norway, Finland, and Sweden known as the Sami. Join Laura Ricketts for an in-depth look at the Sami people and their knitting techniques, including ribbing, using tassels and pom-poms, and the like. She provides a wonderful and historical account of the lives of various Sami people as she instructs you on how to replicate their traditional knitting.

Each pattern has a story about the customs of the Sami people who first made them. With easy to follow instructions and sources for getting supplies, this eBook is perfect for all levels of knitters! We know you’ll enjoy reading about Sami knitting and making their mittens as much as we enjoy telling you about them.

Mitten projects included in this eBook:

  • Jouni’s Red Mittens
    • Traditional red mittens.
    • Pattern re-created from a pair owned by Jouni Aikio—a North Sami reindeer herder from Finland.
  • Inari Saami Mittens
    • White mittens with red and green accents and a pattern on the cuff.
    • Pattern re-created from a pair of mittens in the collection of the Sami Museum Siida, Inari, Finland.
  • Skolt Saami Mittens
    • White Mittens with red and blue accent patterns.
    • Pattern re-created from mittens made by the Skolt Saami who come from the area where Russia, Norway, and Finland meet.
  • North Sámi Mittens
    • White mittens with red, white, and blue accent patterns
    • Pattern re-created from the traditional pattern of the North Sámi—the largest of the Sámi subgroups.
  • Ájtte Treasure Mittens
    • Elegant mittens with multiple colors commonly worn by the Sámi on special occasions.
    • Pattern based on a pair of mittens in Ájtte: the Swedish Mountain and Sami Museum in Jokkmokk, Sweden.

Mittens make the perfect winter gifts! Get Laura Rickett’s Discover the Wonderful World of Sami Knitting eBook to keep your fingers busy and everyone else’s warm!

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