PieceWork Spring 2022

Project Type Home, Accessories, Gloves, Scarves/Shawls, Other
Categories Embroidery, Cross-Stitch/Counted Thread, Knitting
Author Piecework Editorial Staff
Format Magazine

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Uncover needlework traditions, techniques, and textiles that were forgotten and rediscovered by modern makers. Fragments of cloth may have been tucked away for safekeeping—but why? Learn about textiles deliberately concealed within walls and under floorboards of a home or structure. See the embroidered altar cloth believed to be the “lost dress” of Queen Elizabeth I. Meet the artisans dedicated to carrying on the highly skilled technique of or nué goldwork embroidery, once in danger of being lost to the modern embroiderer.

  • Read how a beloved childhood treasure inspired one knitter to create a stunning Orenburg lace shawl as an homage to her grandmother
  • Discover how a small piece of cross-stitch connects one author to her Hungarian heritage, then stitch a replica of her sweet trivet
  • Knit a pair of silk and metallic gloves inspired by medieval liturgical gloves
  • Learn about the origins of bargello and create a charming bargello needle case

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