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Leicester Hat and Mitts

Knit this charming set from the Spring 2020 issue of PieceWork. The yarn features fiber from a historic sheep breed.

Inna Voltchkova Feb 10, 2021 - 11 min read

Leicester Hat and Mitts Primary Image

Knit a beautiful hat and fingerless-mitt set in Leicester Longwool yarn. Photos by Matt Graves

I created this hat and mitt set using yarn produced by Wool Out of Wales, a company specializing in wool from Leicester Longwool sheep. According to the company, the unique climate of Wales allows a long grass-growing season, which in turn contributes to a lustrous and long-staple fleece.

Leicester Longwool yarn pairs well with knitted textures created using cable, bobbles, and rogozka patterns. Pronounced “ro-go-zh-ka,” this Russian word refers to a thick fabric with a textured, checkered surface.

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