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Knit a Miniature Sweater

This mini sweater is based on Madeline Keller-King’s miniature pullover pattern. Fashion one in your favorite color, add a few lacy embellishments, and you’re ready for spring!

Debbie Blair Mar 10, 2023 - 4 min read

Knit a Miniature Sweater Primary Image

Debbie expanded on Madeline Keller-King’s mini sweater design to create a quick spring knit. Photos by Debbie Blair

The Twelve Months of Ornaments, created by our own PieceWork team members, is our way of saying thank you to our All Access subscribers for being such valued members of our community. Each monthly seasonal ornament pattern will let you enjoy needle-crafting with us all year. Relax, try a new craft, or savor a familiar craft in quick-to-accomplish projects that are a pleasure to make. It has been so much fun for us at Long Thread Media to work together on these ornaments, and we hope you’ll share your finished pieces using #pieceworkmagazine. We can’t wait to see them!

Sweaters in the early 1900s were thick and scratchy, made from wool. Today we enjoy soft, cozy sweaters in countless colors, shapes, and styles. Historically, women didn’t wear cardigans until the early twentieth century, when women’s fashion began to undergo a transformation as they enjoyed new levels of independence. Sweaters became more acceptable attire as women began to become more active, participating in leisure sports and other activities outside the home.

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