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Grama’s Rose Garden

Looking for a flower that will never wilt? Try your hand at this knitted rose.

Katrina King May 26, 2023 - 8 min read

Grama’s Rose Garden Primary Image

Looking for flowers that never fade? Try this knitted rose inspired by Katrina’s grama’s secret garden. Photos by Katrina King

The Twelve Months of Ornaments, created by our own PieceWork team members, is our way of saying thank you to our All Access subscribers for being such valued members of our community. Each monthly seasonal ornament pattern will let you enjoy needle-crafting with us all year. Relax, try a new craft, or savor a familiar craft in quick-to-accomplish projects that are a pleasure to make. It has been so much fun for us at Long Thread Media to work together on these ornaments, and we hope you’ll share your finished pieces using #pieceworkmagazine. We can’t wait to see them!

When I was young, part of my summers were spent with my grandparents. Both were avid gardeners that planted different things. Grampa’s patch at the back of the property was full of various kinds of vegetables. For several years, he specifically planted pear tomatoes for my sister as she would eat them as fast as they would grow. Grama’s garden patches were all flowers. In the front of the house that faced the street colorful hollyhocks and snapdragons grew in a wild profusion that easily reached four feet tall. Just inside the gate was a more private place that held her rosebushes. Whites, reds, and of course her favorite, purples. She would tend them in the mornings before the sun would get too hot, occasionally bringing in blooms to float in a glass bowl on the kitchen island.

While I don’t yet have my own rose garden, I do love treating myself to fresh flowers. This knitted variety will last all year long. In the size shown it could be sewn by itself to a pin for a boutonniere, clustered with several to create a corsage, or worked in a larger size to sit in a glass bowl for a wonderful decoration.

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Grama’s Rose Garden 3-D flower


  • KnitPicks Curio, (100% cotton), #10 crochet thread, 721 yd (659 m)/3.5 oz (100 g) ball, 1 ball each of Tea Rose (MC) and Jalapeno (CC)

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