From Our Readers' Hands 2020

In gratitude for our PieceWork community, we're sharing some of their lovely needlework from 2020.

Piecework Editorial Staff Dec 28, 2020 - 4 min read

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Susie Harris sent us a photo of her inventive method for blocking Carolyn Wyborny’s shawl, “Weldon’s Irish Lace Shawl to Knit” from the Spring 2019 issue.

As the year comes to an end, we at PieceWork are so grateful for our readers. We delight in receiving your emails with photos of your finished needlework. Here is a gallery of several of the projects we featured in 2020.

We wish you a safe and healthy 2021!
Kate and Elizabeth

Spring 2020

Inspired by Carolyn Wyborny’s Irish Lace Shawl [Weldon’s Irish Lace Shawl to Knit, Spring 2019], I decided earlier this year to tackle my first piece from the wonderful projects PieceWork offers in each issue. I completed my version in a pale green laceweight mohair from Debbie Bliss a few days ago whilst at anchor off Indonesian Borneo. Blocking was a challenge, but by raiding my clothes pegs and with a breezy tropical day, it was done in an hour or so using a clothesline strung from bow to mast (see above)!
Susie Harris
Via email

Summer 2020

linda shawl a
The Winter 2019 issue grabbed my attention the moment I saw the Virginia Woods Bellamy’s Butterfly Wrap to Knit [by Susan Strawn]! I knew immediately that I had to make one myself. My version is also known as “Plan B,” when you realize you will not have enough dusty pink yarn to finish the project. I used a fingering-weight wool and silk yarn and finished off the two front squares with a speckled white yarn. I added a finger loop to each point, which keeps the shawl in place and acts almost like an open sleeve. Thank you for the pattern. Next, I will knit A Weldon’s Shetland Shawl to Knit on Page 60.
Linda Pfeffer
Via email

Fall 2020

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The Virginia Woods Bellamy’s Butterfly Wrap to Knit by Susan Strawn, from the Winter 2019 issue of PieceWork, has delighted several knitters with its simple, yet elegant, construction.—Editor
Cathy Attig
Via email

Winter 2020

Notre-Dame Tam to Knit by Laura Ricketts featured in the Winter 2019 issue of PieceWork.
Eva-Lotta Staffas
Via email

Doily I thought you might like to see a doily I made from the Spring 2020 issue of PieceWork [“Dainty Work for Profit: Ninteenth-Century Advice from Addie E. Heron”]. I have crocheted doilies before but never knitted them. These patterns gave me the inspiration to knit them. It was fun translating the Victorian pattern terms to our present knitting terms.
Carlyta Smith
Via email

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