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Fanø Tile Shawl

Larger charts for an easier read

Piecework Editorial Staff Feb 19, 2024 - 3 min read

Fanø Tile Shawl Primary Image

Worked from charts, Christel Seyfarth’s masterpiece of stranded knitting, The Fanø Tile Shawl, is simpler to make than it looks. Photos by Matt Graves

Christel Seyfarth was inspired by antique handpainted tiles from her homeland and created an interesting technique to add dimension to her colorwork. Current PieceWork magazine subscribers can log in and instantly access this bonus subscriber-exclusive PDF download below.

Bigger Charts for Stranded Knitting Success

The Fanø Tile Shawl by Danish knitting master Christel Seyfarth is one of the most striking shawls that I have ever seen. The design is based on the antique Dutch hand-painted tiles that came from Friesland, The Netherlands that were brought back to Denmark via the sailing ships of from the 1600s to the early 1900s. Fanø is an island that is situated in the North Sea, off of the coast of southwestern Denmark, and the tiles were such a popular part of the culture that there is actually a museum on Fanø with a collection of these historical tiles.

This closeup highlights the striped border and jaunty tassels that frame the shawl.

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