Vicki Square

Vicki’s Vintage Vacation: A Victorian Penwiper

You can knit a penwiper from Weldon’s Practical Knitter, Eleventh Series in the shape of a Turkish Fez. Just by looking at the illustration, you would have no indication of scale.

Victorian Crochet: A Sport of Its Own

One hook. One yarn. Two hands. Add a creative mind to encourage the adventure, and you can be off into the wide world of crochet.

Knitted Undergarments: Knit a Lacy Camisole

The fashion transformation from chemise to camisole traveled a long historical road.

Knitted Socks: Stars on Your Toes

If you were limited to just one way to shape the toe of knitted socks, what method would you choose? I will occasionally ask myself silly questions like this one to promote entertaining the possibility of trying a new technique.

Vicki's Vintage Vacation: A Collection of Tips for Knitting Weldon's Socks and Stockings

Join knitwear designer Vicki Square on an excursion through knitting Weldon's socks and stockings.

Vicki’s Vintage Vacation: The Fine Gauge of Victorian Stockings

Victorian women knitted their stockings with yarn finer than our contemporary sock yarn.

Vicki’s Vintage Vacation: A Turn of the Sock Heel

Weldon’s-era Victorian knitters had some interesting ideas and innovations for sock heels particular to various countries from the United Kingdom to the continent.

Vicki’s Vintage Vacation: Weldon’s Practical Needlework and Victorian Knitting

We can walk a path together through Weldon’s Practical Needlework, and let those amazing Victorians show us a thing or two. Inspiration is found on every page in the historical needlework techniques and patterns.