Lisa Shroyer

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: French Heels Versus Dutch!

Nancy Bush uses two heel types frequently in her ebook Vintage Socks to Knit: the French Heel and the Dutch Heel.

The Feet of A Divided Nation

I have worn out three pairs of shoes . . . and a part of the time my feet have had nothing between them and the rough stones.

5 Sock Patterns for Lazy Women

The sock patterns I’ve listed here are not for lazy women by any means.

WIP Wednesday: Making a vintage moose jacket!

I have been wanting to knit a Mary Maxim vintage intarsia sweater for years.

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: Dapper Socks for Active Men!

Mixed in with the very practical sock knitting tips and techniques in Weldon’s monthly newsletters, you will find some charming Victorian recommendations for wearing and using handknitted socks.

Tips for Practical Sock Knitting: Refooting a Sock

Refooting is a fascinating approach to knitting a sock in such a way that it can be easily resoled and reheeled after those areas give out to wear.

What in the World is an Under-Sleeve?

We own a number of 19th-century needlework books and pamphlets, and let me tell you—they are FASCINATING. And sometimes comical, sometimes puzzling, to the modern crafter.