Lindsay Smith

Knitting Orenburg and Santa Fe Together

The Santa Fe Scarf combines traditional Orenburg-lace techniques and construction with geometric motifs inspired by Mara Bishop Statnekov’s hometown.

A Pair of Ingenious Knitted Gloves: The Richmond Gloves to Knit

Unlike some unusual patterns sourced from the Victorian era, the Richmond Gloves are subtle and timeless enough in their design to fit perfectly into the modern age. Their unique design leans toward the functional rather than the flamboyant.

Making Felt: A Timeless Textile Which Is Easy to Create

Making felt is an ancient art, possibly the oldest method of creating fabric on record.

Colorful Estonian Gloves to Knit from Nancy Bush

Estonia’s knitwear is fascinating. Expert knitter and designer Nancy Bush has been a student and teacher of Estonian textile traditions for many years.

5 Traditional Albanian Socks

As a self-proclaimed knitting nerd, I was delighted to review Mimi Seyferth’s new eBook, 5 Traditional Albanian Socks to Knit: A Travel Memoir in Stitches.