A Glimpse into Thirty Years of PieceWork Magazine Covers

In this special anniversary feature, we look at 30 covers of PieceWork, starting with the first subscriber issue from 1993 and ending with the anniversary issue from last fall.

Pat Olski Mar 20, 2024 - 2 min read

A Glimpse into Thirty Years of PieceWork Magazine Covers Primary Image

30 years! September/October 1993 and Fall 2023. Photos by Joe Coca and Matt Graves

As part of our 30th-anniversary celebration, we have put together a gallery of 30 covers (one fall issue from each year since 1993) so that you can get a taste of the outstanding array of topics and the variety of projects that have been in PieceWork magazine over the last thirty years.

Flip through these images to experience a wealth of needlework that covers centuries and spans the reaches of the globe. From its first issue, PieceWork magazine introduced thousands of stitchers (including me) to a world of traditional and historical needlework most of us didn’t even know existed. Each page offered a trip back through time to meet the makers and learn the techniques.

Some of the articles from PieceWork’s first subscriber issue, September/October 1993, included a haunting story of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire, a portrait of an Athapaskan bead worker from Alaska, and the needlework of the Banjara and Rabari women of India. The projects encompassed a variety of techniques and cultures, including Turkish socks to knit, an Irish crochet motif pincushion to craft, a Japanese temari ball to make, and Deerfield embroidery to stitch.

As a visitor, please enjoy the beauty of these covers. As you browse, feel free to click any cover in the gallery to open a larger version and take in the inspiration that the topics on the front will bring. Subscribe, and you can access all of the archived content and patterns that the last 30 years of PieceWork have been able to offer.

Pat Olski is the editor of PieceWork.